Sports and Travel: Why Hotels Should Consider Developing Mini Sports Facilities

Many hotels provide their customers with just lodging facilities. They fail to understand the need for developing mini sports facilities on their premises. Below, we provide you with helpful information on why hotels should consider developing one.

Why Hotels Should Develop Mini Sports Facilities

Attract Locals

Many consider sports as a universal language, as virtually everyone has an interest in it. To some countries, indulging in various sporting activities is their culture. Winning a major competition would see such countries go into celebrations for weeks on end. US citizens have a knack for Basketball and Football, Brazilians favor Soccer, while Canadians favor Ice Hockey.

Many individuals indulge in sporting activities at the amateur level looking to build a career in it or do so as a fun hobby. They’re attracted to establishments that offer them facilities to live out their passion. Equipping your hotel with mini sports facilities will drive in business engagement, as the locals look to unwind.

Improve Lodging Experience

When it comes to running a successful business, maintaining existing engagement is as vital as making new ones. In the world of hotel management, offering your customers a premium service will ensure continuous business engagement with them. Also, you get to enjoy unpaid advertising as they’ll refer you to friends, families, and colleagues.

Developing mini sports facilities for kids and adults will improve their experience of staying in your hotel. These equipment aren’t just for exercising; they can also serve as recreational tools.

Tap into The Traveling Sports Group

In the sporting world, adequate preparation is key to achieving success. Sports groups have a hard time preparing themselves for sporting events, especially where they have to travel away from home. Competing away leaves them in a difficult situation, as their opponents have a head start and are better prepared. Though they still get to use the home team’s facilities to train, they have limited time to use them.

Most sports groups comprise multiple individuals ranging from children to adults. They stay in hotels when they travel to new cities for a game. Having one fitted with mini sports facilities means when it comes to training, teams can hit the ground running. The availability of equipment helps level the playing field between the away and the home teams.

Fans of the sports group who have traveled away from home can also get in on the fun. They get to experience playing the game first hand without having to leave the hotel premises. All these contribute to a surreal experience for traveling sports fans all over the world. Not all hotels offer this service, a quick look at an online guide will provide you with the details of packages, activities, and services on offer.

Cater to Fitness Customers

Often, fitness enthusiasts and professionals hit the gym every week. According to studies, individuals with intermediate skills workout up to 4 times a week. They go on hikes, play sports, and perform various exercises to keep fit. Most of these individuals don’t just restrict their training to outdoors; they also workout in their homes.

Most fitness enthusiasts and professionals have a hard time traveling. They fear that taking a break from their fitness regime could hamper development. Traveling would mean they would no longer have access to their home workout set or favorite gym. This fear is why such individuals will favor staying in hotels that offer them these amenities.

Meet The Needs of The Traveling Business Man and Woman

Business travelers also fall into the category of individuals who will benefit from a hotel equipped with mini sports facilities. They seldom spend time in their homes and often have to check into hotels during business trips. This busy schedule leaves many worrying about the effects of air travel, and eating huge meals could have on their body.

Indulging in sports activities is a great way to burn calories, combat jet lag, and maintain high fitness levels. Hotels that have mini sports facilities won’t just be meeting the lodging needs of their business clients, but they’ll also be attending their health needs.

Mini Sports Facilities You Should Consider For Your Hotel

You don’t have to go all out when it comes to developing a sports facility for your hotel, hence the use of the term mini. The main goal is to help lodgers maintain fitness levels and stay in shape. Don’t blow out your budget by building a standard field, instead incorporate more indoor sports into your plans.

Consider a game you can play without putting too much strain on your body. Table tennis is a sport that mixes fun and health. It has players making rapid movements and exhibiting controlled breathing, two of which are excellent forms of cardiovascular exercises. Also, it’s easy to learn and set up. And you don’t have to be a professional to learn or master the game. Having an indoor gym is also suitable for improving hotel experience and helping customers looking to stay fit.

Final Thoughts

The primary goal of any hotel is to be a home away from home. Though as a hotel manager, you shouldn’t stop at this, extend your services to cater to the well being of your clients. While also treating them to a surreal experience. Doing this will leave them with a good and lasting impression.

Sports is an activity many indulge in as a hobby, job, or just to de-stress. Create an environment where both professionals and amateurs can have fun and ignite their passion in your hotel. Develop mini sports facilities and enjoy increased business engagement alongside satisfied customers.