Tour Guide: Best Table Tennis Hostel in Lombardy

The hospitality industry requires creativity and innovation to attract clients to your premises. If not, you might be thrown out of business by competition. As a landlord of hostels, it is your duty to understand your client’s needs and provide value for them. This will not only maintain customer loyalty but also increase your revenue. What are some of the additional services you can add to reach this goal?  Here are a few tips

  • Have an entertainment center within the premises
  • Outsource catering services
  • Let the hostel be a one-stop facility for all physical needs
  • Invest in table tennis tables within the premises

Italy is renowned for fashion and hostel business is a thriving enterprise due to the influx of both international and local tourists. Lombardy in specific is characterized by a high number of hostels attributed to students who look for cheap and affordable accommodation.

Why invest in a table tennis equipment for a hostel in Lombardy?

Ping pong is a game that involves playing with passion. International table tennis players hail from this region. This has made a positive impact in making household to love the game and want to go to high heights. After a hard day’s work, or after the students are done with the classes, they may want physical activity to complement their tough day. This brain game becomes the best option for them.

It comes in handy due to the following reasons

  1. It alleviates anxiety and stress
  2. It is a relaxing activity
  3. It occupies a small space
  4. Many students can play at ago as long as there are numerous ping pong tools
  5. It is simple even for novices in the table tennis game

What are some of the things you need to consider when purchasing table tennis equipment for hostels?


These are equipment designed for commercial purposes. This is a place where people live and the equipment is bound to be used more often. You have to get equipment that is made of tough material without compromising on the quality. You also need to consider the international standard measures since these could be students practicing for an upcoming ping pong competition.


When it comes to flexibility then you need to consider portable equipment. Get one that will have minimal issues when it comes to wear and tear. There are others in the market that cannot withstand constant movement as a result of the material they are made up of.


It will be a waste of money and time to avail table tennis equipment when you know most of the people renting your apartment lack the passion for it. Always run due diligence on your premise and check if the people in the hostel are of a productive age that can sustain the strenuous ping pong game. If not, it will be an exercise in futility.


What is your budget for this equipment? This is what will guide you to get what you need. Do not compromise on quality simply because you are on a tight budget. In this scenario, do not be in a hurry to purchase one. Do a window shop in online and offline store to get the best bargain.

Availability of space

Single equipment cannot serve many students especially if they are on the same study schedule. You should check on your hostel if you have space to mount the equipment.

Table tennis equipment is a necessary sport for hostels. It keeps your tenants entertained despite the purpose of their visit in Lombardy.