Hostels With Best Toilets

Hostels are quickly gaining popularity as a cheaper alternative to hotels over the past decades. They remain popular to groups such as students and those traveling on a budget. In the past, most hostels were dingy with the use of the toilet being a necessary evil that was highly unsanitary. Flush toilets were first successfully invented by Thomas Crapper to promote hygiene. Poor hygiene was observed and no regular clean ups were undertaken. These factors put the tenants in grave risk of contracting communicable diseases. In this period, a number of hostels have taken the mantle when it comes to offering the best toilet services, recognizing this as an important aspect to brand development.

Sophie Hostel is one such hostel. This is a hostel located in Prague. The hostel boasts state of the art toilet facilities in their private rooms. The toilets come in general minimalist design. The hostel is located within a five-minute walk to Wenceslas Square thus making it also a convenience owed by proximity. Bangkok Bed and Bike is another hotel that has exemplary toilets in their facilities. The hostel is located in Thailand with a modern, industrial design. Their toilets meet international standards as they are well kept and blend in with the general architecture and ambience of the hostel. The building is inspired with traditional Thai design.

Ember Hostel is also a hostel that has a good variety of toilet facilities. The hostel is located in Denver, Colorado. It is a luxury hostel that comes with luxuriously fitted toilets. The bathrooms within the facility also come with private rainfall showers and slate tiling. The toilets are regularly maintained and kept up to standard.

Czech Inn is another hostel facility bearing one of the best toilets out in the world. Their bathrooms are multiple mirrored and the facility boasts huge pride in being housed in the original 19th Century Art Nouveau. The hostel
is located in Prague and boasts plenty of green areas as well. Ecomama hostel contains toilets that are clean, reliable and well maintained. The hostel is located in Amsterdam and is a popular weekend getaway destination.

Casa Gracia Hostel is another hostel that boasts the best toilets. This hostel is award winning for having the most fun bathroom in the world. The facility is located in Barcelona. The bathrooms have a metal donkey sink for carrying out ablutions, deluxe suites, and daily housekeeping. This ensures that the toilets are well maintained and regarded with a high level of duty and care. Freehand Hostel also have one of the best toilets in the industry today. The hostel is located in Los Angeles and boasts clean living. The bathrooms are relaxing and have come fitted with early Bohemian décor. This complements who made the toilet to obtain a distinctive Cali vibe.

Amistad Island Hostel remains one of the hostels bearing popular toilets. The facility is located in Ibiza. The toilets are modern and well maintained. The bathroom and toilets have been described as having a slick yet fun feel. This is one of the contributing factors that has made it popular with guests. Native Hostel also comes highly recommended as having one of the best bathrooms and toilets.

The hostel has clean toilets which are well kept and get to receive regular updates. The décor of the bathroom further complements the state of the toilets. The Hostel is located in Austin, Texas. The Three Ducks Eiffel Tower Hostel comes with one of the best-documented toilets in the hostel industry.

They are located in Paris, France. The toilets have been designed in monochrome and gloss symmetry which makes it remain popular to its French heritage. The Lost Inn located in Lisbon also has toilets that are clean, well maintained and artistically designed.